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The Echo Tokyo Kickstarter was a massive success, now the real work begins, to create two amazing titles in the series.
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Magi Trials Release
HSR: Magi Trials
New details released all the time for upcoming game Magi Trials, due out in November 2016.
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We recently completed our Bounce Game Series kickstarter which raised over £35,000 for our future game developments.
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Negligee Released
Checkout the latest images from newly released game Negligee.
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Battle Girls Release
Mech Battles and beautiful women in upcoming cyber punk game Battle Girls, coming soon.
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Games on iOS News
After a bit of work and effort, we are happy to announce that several of our past games are now available on iOS for iPad and iPhone.
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Frequent Releases

With multiple teams, artists and writers working with us, we are able to release games throughout the year.

Balanced Play

Our games are tested by hundreds of Beta testers prior to release, to try and ensure quality and balanced gameplay.


Build up relationships with different characters within the games we make, and have a chance to create a romance.

About Us

Dharker Studio is an independent game development studio. We focus on creating original, interesting stories across multiple genres.