We are happy to announce that our news blog is once again live.

Those interested can now learn about the latest game releases, news and production info from the Dharker Studios publishing group and all incorporated development teams. This news blog will see a news post almost every Saturday from now on, featuring the biggest news and info on the game and project developments, in addition to which irregular posts will occur to announce game releases, crowdfunding campaigns and other important news.


A variety of big things have been happening within Dharker Studios over the past few months, which has led to this decision to re-open the blog. First after the success of Negligee on steam at the tail end of last year, our site has been inundated with traffic and along side that bots, it has been an ongoing battle for a while to allow the forums to work whilst preventing bots from posting their spam. In the end this was taking up to much of our time, so we have removed the forums and re-activated this blog.

Game patches now have their own dedicated page on the website with primary and secondary download links to get the free patches for any of our games that have an uncensored version available. Links to buy those games on the various platforms also are now available on the site via the releases section.

We have noticed some speculation or concern on our various community hubs that Dharker Studios is closing down. This is not the case, in fact Dharker Studios is expanding significantly and by the end of 2017 we expect to have in place four separate development teams working on games.

 - Dharker Studio Team
 - Echo Tokyo Team
 - GameStudioX Team
 - Brightly Studios Team

Each of these dev teams will have their own core artists, writers and developers who will work on the games. And each team will over time begin to show a specific style of game development. Thus our audience will be able to quickly and easily get used to which teams games they like the most and be able to tell quickly what to expect from each game based on the team that is working on it.

Last but not least we also have a full development plan for releases over the next 3-5 years and so do not expect us to dissapear anytime soon, that being said we are now looking to significantly alter the way we develop games moving forward. Our aim will be for each team to release 1-3 games at most per year. Thus each game will be given a larger budget, development time and scope with which to create much larger more impressive titles for our audience to enjoy.

More news will be coming each week on specific developments as well as a new game release coming in the next 1-2 weeks time that we will be looking forward to announcing very soon.